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There are many pictures here in the reports of our adventures. Clicking on the title opens the photo album associated with the given trip. The trips are in reverse chronological order. There are now way too many trips for this simple organization but changes do take precious time. Mostly we want to make the photos available for others to enjoy.

While most of us now have high speed links, I am still sympathetic with those that do not and also those that do not like to have to click for every photo to see a whole "slide" show. Here each photo album is set up for unattended download. One click can also stop it.

High Sierra Traverse, May 7-13, 2006

An email in early April from Sierra Mountain Center in Bishop drew my attention to how special the Sierra Nevada are. With a deep snowpack the High Sierra Traverse could be very different than the one we did two years ago. Other plans interfered with such a trip, but the possibilitity never left my mind. Ultimately the conflicting trip was aborted and we were off to a great time in the Sierra!

HST 2006

North Pole to Canada, April to May 2006

This expedition was to be a major journey from the North Pole to Canada by skis and snowshoes. Time was spent in Longyearbyen finalizing the packing of food before taking a jet to Borneo, the Russian ice station for North Pole tourists. Then we were to ski to Canada, taking about 45 days.

The group skied a bit more than a degree toward Canada before the trip was canceled by the organizers due to very bad ice conditions. The likelihood of success with this year's thin and broken ice was rather low. To avoid possible tragedy the trip was aborted before Borneo closed for the year.

North Pole to Canada

John Muir trail hike through the High Sierra, August 4 to 14, 2004

After doing this hike with a friend a couple of years ago, it was time for Jim to see this glorious place for himself. The trip with Jim went from Horseshoe Meadow to Yosemite Valley, but I continued to Ebbetts Pass where I had to leave the trail to find replacements for my completely worn out shoes.

This album is a work in progress. The dialog will ultimately have the rest of the photos.

The many sides of the Sierra

Tyndall High Camp and High Sierra Traverse, April 26 to May 8, 2004

We have chosen to do my dream ski tour across the Sierra from Independence to Woverton, the classic High Sierra Ski Traverse. I have Dave Beck's original guidebook but never did have a chance to attempt his route. Now we have to privilege of doing it with Dave himself on his last tour before his retirement from his Sierra Ski Traverse. We chose to combine it with the Tyndall High Camp for better acclimatization and to have more time to enjoy the incredible beauty of the area.

Great Western Divide

Bylot Island, Nunavut, May 2003

The Arctic is a great place for a spring ski expedition, especially when traveling in the comfort provided by Canadian Arctic Holidays. One rarely expects great hors d'euvres on such a remote trip, but the gourmet crowd of eleven had the best imaginable. How fine they taste after skiing all day! Here is one of our camps, dwarfed by the landscape.

camp on the glacier

Clyde River To Pond Inlet, Baffin Island, May 2002

We have just completed yet another trip with Canadian Arctic Holidays. What a group! We were accused of being geriatrics! With an average age 56, heavily squewed by a 43 year old lady, we embarked onto a 3 week trip into the Arctic wilderness of northern Baffin Island. The strong and determined participants completed the expedition from Clyde River to Pond Inlet by a 98 Km snowmobile journey, then 553 kilometers of skiing!

landscape above lakes

Arctic Watch, Somerset Island, July 2001

We have taken a family vacation to enjoy the high arctic camp of Canadian Arctic Holidays run by our fantastic ski trip guides, Richard and Josee Weber. These are some preliminary photos of scenery and wildlife. More and probably much better will be posted when Jim's slides are scanned.

The great camp lodging

Sverdrup Pass, Ellesmere Island, May 2001

What! Another trip! As long as Richard keeps making spring ski trips we will always find something interesting and challenging to do. Our group of nine, mostly Canadians, enjoyed this two week ski trip through a variety of terrain on Ellesmere Island. Assistent guide Bryan provided fine entertainment each evening in the tent.

Into sun with Olympus digital camera

Wind Rivers, Wyoming, September 2000

This was our wonderful trip to the Wind River range in Wyoming. It is a dream of many years to go there, though we did no climbing, just wonderful hiking. Many parts of this trip were superb. Jim likens the Cirque of the Towers valley to Yosemite without the cars and people - definitely spectacular. We were very fortunate to be able to enjoy visiting with numerous friends and to experience aspects of an active cattle ranch.

NorthPole Dash, April 2000

This is it! The trip of a lifetime is to go through Russia, including Siberia, to the North Pole! As usual we did it in style and comfort by traveling with Canadian Arctic Holidays. Misha Malakhov, hero of Russia, joined Canadian Richard Weber and his wife Josee to provide extraordinary leadership and great food!

TibcoPole jimpole
Louise skied to the North Pole!!! So did Jim! Click above to see more.

Auyuittuq Traverse, Aug-Sep 1999

We are lucky to be able to do such wonderful trips. This past summer we joined Canadian Arctic Holidays to cross the Penny Ice Cap, birthplace of the last North American Ice Age. The ice cap is located in the Auyuittuq National Park of Canada in the southeastern part of Baffin Island in Nunavut Territory. Our leader's father, Hans Weber, made the first ascent of these 4000 foot high cylindrical towers in 1953.

It does not get any better than this!

Grand Canyon, June 1999

In June of 1999 we took a raft trip the full length of the Grand Canyon, all 280 miles. Motorized rafts that allowed us to make speedy progress on the water, leaving lots of time for wonderful hikes up the side canyons. We travelled through all of the 180 rapids plus a few miles of flat water on Lake Mead. What an incredible place!

Approaching a rapid...

Antarctic Marathon, Feb 1999

Celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary!

In February of 1999 we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by taking a trip to Antarctica for the Antarctic Marathon event and its associated wildlife tour. The trip was organized by Marathon Tours who arranged the part of the tour on our ship, the Ioffe, through Marine Expeditions of Toronto. Everything was great! The food and accomodations were outstanding. The weather was super for race day - cool but not cold, dry, and partly sunny, becoming sunnier later in the day. Here are the results of the Marathon and the Half-Marathon. Many local research station personnel participated in the half.

Louise running
Louise runs past Jim on the Antarctic Marathon as she finishes the first loop and he is outbound on his second lap.

Jim with GPS
Jim followed our position during the whole trip with his GPS.

1998 Ski Tour from North America to Greenland

In May of 1998 we particpated in a very exciting expedition to the Arctic with Canadian Arctic Holidays. We skied across the sea ice of Kane Basin from Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic to Greenland! We visited the world's most northern community, Siorapaluk, where inhabitants live using traditional hunting methods.

Looking offshore from a hunting camp at Neke, Greenland.

1997 Flight to the Eureka, Ellesmere Island, in our Bonanza A36

This was our first recent contact with the Arctic, a trip that was the start of many more adventures, both flying and skiing. This is a very different world, one that is fasciniating for its physical beauty, and one that leaves one with an incredible amount of respect for and amazment at the survival ability of the inuit inhabitants.

Eureka Sound
Flying north along Eureka Sound.

1997 Maui trip for windsurfing when the wind did not blow...

Maui is the best! If the wind does not blow it has many fascinating things to do: hike a volcano, snorkle with the turtles, kayak in the becalmed waters, rent a plane and fly to Molokai, or sit and enjoy the spectacular scenery! When else do you get to see the West Maui Mountains?

cabin view
View out the window of the our cabin while lying on the bed

Polar bears at Churchill in late October, 1997

Many trips to the Arctic do not include encounters with polar bears, fortunately! To see them, there is no better place the Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, in the fall when they play and sleep on the beaches while waiting for the ice to freeze for seal hunting. From tundra buggies, people can take wonderful photos. The Natural Habitat research venture provided evening lectures by polar bear researchers about this incredible species.

sparing bears
Young bears play fight to build skills needed as adult males.

Weekend and home activities

Not only do we enjoy our longer vacations, weekends are also exciting times. Ever since we bought a house in Truckee nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada near Lake Tahoe, we have spent many weekends there running, hiking, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, skating and skiing (all kinds). We have been participating in the Far West cross country citizen races for several years now and always enjoy a good day of powder in the backcountry.

Truckee house
Our neat home away from home

Access is normally by flying our Bonanza to the Truckee Tahoe Airport. We also like to fly our Bonanza to Bishop Airport to hike, ski and climb in the higher regions of the Sierra Nevada.

We hope you can have as much fun as we do! You may reach us using our names at our domain, but we do not want to put our email addresses on the site.

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