Clyde River To Pond Inlet, Baffin Island - May 2002

This photo album is from Jim and Louise Wholey's recent ski trip to the high arctic with Richard Weber of Canadian Arctic Holidays.

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Clyde River
Packing the komatiks in Clyde River for the first 100 Km by snowmobile

It is starting to get very scenic.

The scenery is turning spectacular!

The ride is cool, but fortunately not cold!

The sled is badly stuck in broken ice, but the Inuit swiftly free it.

Sam Ford Fiord
Sam Ford Fiord's amazing cliffs at sunset.

Sam Ford Fiord sunset
Looking out toward Baffin Bay at sunset from our first camp.

above camp
Cliffs above camp.

Skiing along Sam Ford Fiord.

lunch break
We stop for lunch 4 times a day!

first pass
The crux - a pass that may have no snow!

Numerous lake valleys offer fine ski-skating.

Richard shows perfect form on the ice while Zappa takes the snowy route.

spectacular cliffs
Spectacular cliffs border the lake valley.

snow and ice
Snow and ice provide a spectacular backdrop.

bigger cliffs
The cliffs above us are amazing.

smooth cliffs
The cliffs are surprisingly smooth and rounded.

gorgeous mountains
The mountains along the next lake are gorgeous.

glacial moraine
To get to the sea from the last lake requires crossing this horrible moraine .

sea ice again
We have reached the sea ice and found another beautiful smooth fiord.

Sillem Island
Our target for camp is the pointed island in the distance.

Seal hole
Seal hole with a den for the seal pup.

camp ahead
Sillem Island, our planned camp site, is getting closer, but slowly...

no camp
We reach the island, but the is no snow for camp. So we continue...

finally, camp
Wow! Camp at last!

pass #2
Now high above the fiord, we will climb over 1000 feet to cross our second pass, .

This is how we travel with backpacks of personal things and sleds of food and camp equipment.

nice dog
Zappa, our polar bear dog.

after rest
Spectacular scenery on a delightfully warm sunny morning followed a rather wet rest day.

side fiord
Looking up a side fiord that might have been our route.

nice lighting
Rounding the corner of Livingston Island to camp.

Mother's Day
A pretty spectacular start to Mother's Day

Icy Arm
View back from well into Icy Arm.

hanging glacier
A very broken and still breaking hanging glacier.


Weber-Aller pass
The Weber-Aller pass, the crux!

steep snow
Climbing steep snow.

sled help
Bryan carries Jan's sled on a steep icy pitch!

Alas! The going gets easier.

ice cave
A spectacular cave at the foot of the glacier.

ice cave view
The view from the cave.

Passing the end of the glacier.

Amazing wall of the glacier with many icicles.

glacier above Couts Bay
Sunset colors on glacier above Couts Bay. Crossing the pass worked!

Couts Bay
Spectacular morning on Couts Bay.

Skiers on Couts Bay
Skiers on Couts Bay.

Couts Bay cliffs
Skiers below cliffs on Couts Bay.

support break
Travelling with a support crew we cover many kilometers

over the pass
After 80 kilometers across the land and a low pass, we reach Pacquet Bay fiord.

snow sculptures
Nature's snow sculptures caused by the tides at the edge of the fiord.

Lutie and his wife on the snowmobile.

to Pond
Skiers and snowmobile on the last leg of our journey toward Pond Inlet.

Pond Inlet
This is our group at the end, Pond Inlet!