Bylot Island - May 2003

This photo album is from Jim and Louise Wholey's annual spring ski trip to the high arctic with Richard Weber of Canadian Arctic Holidays.

The photos are set up to enable unattended download so that you can get the whole set of pictures with one mouse click. On a slow link kick off the download and go enjoy a coffee break or dinner. Have fun!

Wall map
Bylot Island is at the northern end of Baffin Island just below the 38 on this map.

Packing 2 weeks worth of food and community gear in sleds.

Bylot Island
We leave Pond Inlet on Baffin Island with a nice view of Bylot Island across the sound.

Jim pulling sled
Jim pulls his sled past a lovely iceberg.

Ice Thumb
A thumb of ice entertains us.

Bear tracks
Bear tracks may be very large. Compare these to a ski pole handle.

Ice scene
We approach the bay where we will find the glacier we have chosen to ascend.

Ice block
Ice blocks are always very fascinating for the photographer.

To the glacier
Fresh snow challenges the person breaking trail while the rest of us get to relax in the trough!

Rest day
On the 8th day we rest, reading, writing, sunbathing, and enjoying the ever-changing lighting and scenery.

Into the fog
The trip turned more challenging for the leader as fog surrounded us climbing the glacier.

Where are we?
In the whiteout, the "Where are we?" question was addressed at regular intervals!

Spectacular scenery dwarfs our camp.

To the north
A beautiful long valley of ice and snow lies off to the north.

Down the glacier
Traveling down the glacier in the fresh snow was a delight.

Baffin Island in the distance
Baffin Island in the distance is our destination.

Icicles at the end of the glacier
The ends of glaciers may have fascinating collections of icicles.

Off the glacier
We finish our trek off Bylot Island by skiing down the moraine below the glacier.

Goodbye Bylot
As we ski the last 30 Km diagonally across Eclipse Sound to Pond Inlet, we have spectacular views of Bylot Island.