Arctic Watch

Somerset Island, July 2001

Here is a preliminary photo report of our family vacation trip to Arctic Watch on Somerset Island in the Canadian High Arctic to see wildlife and to hike, bike and kayak. Mary had not been to the arctic since she was too young to remember and was amazed at how comfortable the accomodations were despite the remoteness of this beautiful area.

A pretty waterfall near camp

Viewing hawks through Jim's 500 mm lens with a telescope eyepiece

The delta was a-bloom with fire flower

Jim and Mary at Flat Rock Falls

The view out from the falls crevace

Beatiful sea gulls and peregrine falcons nest in this canyon

The foxes were playful at the fox mound

Kayaking was a great way to see and hear the whales

Beluga Whales!

The following are a few shots of whales playing at the mouth of the river.

Whales playing at the mouth of the river